Project-type Collaboration Tool

[INQ. NO. 2208E07] Last March, Korea’s first project-type collaboration tool, RocketWORK, was successfully launched. RocketWORK aims to put an end to the ongoing issue of ‘collaboration overload’ that is spreading through workplaces like a plague.

Collaboration overload is a phenomenon that arises from over-reliance on communication. While communication should only be used as means to ‘facilitate’ work, it started to ‘become’ work with excessive messaging at work, causing immense distractions which progressively lowered work productivity. Unlike current messenger-type collaboration tools that heavily focus on the communication aspect of work, RocketWORK solely focuses on what matters: goal achievement.

Developed by Mycroft, a Korean startup founded in 2019, RocketWORK is an optimized medium that allows workers to focus on their work with effective management and communication. With the power of automation, it learns through the user’s experience, greatly enhancing the user’s future experience on RocketWORK.

Little to no understanding of task goals, as well as of the direction in which the team is headed, also results in poor teamwork. This is what forces teammates to over communicate with each other when really, they should be using most of their time ‘doing’ the work. With RocketWORK, communication is greatly automated – the purpose of each task along with essential details are shared in a single card, keeping all members of the team focused and updated at all times.

Users Can Organize Their Work Intuitively on Project type Collaboration Tool RocketWORK
Users can organize their work intuitively on RocketWORK so that suitable strategies can be formulated from a bigger picture. The board and card system allow users to logically see how different tasks are related to one another, as multiple tasks (cards) are arranged together to make up a single project (board). In this way, sight is never lost of the purpose of each task. All information contained in a card is more than enough for users to carry out their work without further explanation.

The core value of RocketWORK lies in simply focusing on the ‘doing’ part of work instead of the ‘messaging’ part. Mycroft’s product is designed based on Korea’s passionate and orderly work culture. The ability of RocketWORK to support and supplement the needs of individual users as well as organizations will guide users on an exciting journey toward success. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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