High-Speed Motor Elements(Stator & Rotor)


[INQ. NO. 2211E15] GEM Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing motor elements (stator and rotor) for high-speed rotational machines. In 2009, GEM was established with an objective of localizing high-speed motors for which Korea had depended on importation for their parts.

Therefore, the R&D team of GEM has focused on researching and developing high-speed motors in the electric and mechanical fields. Based on its experience, GEM has been able to provide various products to meet the demands of clients with its capacity focused on high speed, high efficiency and high power density.

GEM designs and produces high-speed motor elements, stators and rotors, which are essential parts of high-speed motor manufacturing technologies, with its own technologies. GEM manufactures various products with capacity from 1kW to 300kW and rotation speed from 10,000 to 100,000 rpm. These products are used for high-frequency spindles for machine tools, turbo blowers and high-speed pressure pumps in the fields of high-speed rotation and electric power motors for electric vehicles.

As it adopts an overall support system under which a series of processes “from design to application of final products” can be carried out, GEM is fully capable of swift and accurate responses to the customers’ demands.
GEM is now the only company in Korea to manufacture high-speed motors. It has also been able to produce motors for high-frequency spindles and to localize spindle products successfully. From development to application of final products, GEM responds quickly to demands of clients even with consulting.

Currently, it produces various products ranging from ultra-small products to high-efficiency large products for electric cars.

Since 2010, GEM has been putting its best efforts into localizing spindle products by manufacturing motors for high-frequency spindles.

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