Fuel Saver


[INQ. NO. 2211E16] In 2020, JuaBit Company launched “Power Save Plus,” the new version of ‘Power Saver.’ It integrates all the results from its decade-long R&D and market experience to save fuel and to computerize automobiles.

For fuel saving, its technology to regenerate/restore automobile batteries has been verified by the Korean Intellectual Property Office, patent number 10-1172273 (Fuel saver and how it works).

For computerization added to its technology in ‘Power Saver,’ prevention of battery discharging, computerized sensors, improvement in ignition power and brightness of headlights have been achieved.

This is an eco-friendly product linked to mobile devices, which enables a user to do real-time checking and record the conditions of an engine, batteries, fully automated trap driving information, all the memory devices, abnormal operation test, fuel-saving driving mode, and information on driving patterns.

This state-of-the-art device provides all the vehicle information through mobile phone and Bluetooth at a glance.
The strong points of “Power Save Plus” like the battery regenerating and restoring effect and improvement of engine ignition power provide significant fuel saving from the viewpoint of budget conscious drivers. At present, it is about to be introduced in the global market thanks to a huge response from the domestic market.

The company expects to become one of the most innovative technology firms representing Korea – based upon the fact that it is now marketing the exclusive product for 24V, and is focusing on R&D of batteries for commercial vehicles, electric cars, and hybrid cars.

When it comes to fuel saving and improvement of engine power, the newly launched “Power Save Plus” has highly improved technology that goes beyond the limits of conventional fuel savers.

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