Hybrid Transformers and Active Harmonic Filters


[INQ. NO. 2211E17] Transformers are the most important device in electrical installations and can be used for 20 to 25years. Therefore, safety and efficiency are the most important factors when choosing a transformer product, and research and development are ongoing to meet these requirements.

Recent increases in the use of nonlinear loads such as LEDs, UPSs, inverters, and PCs have led to increased harmonics within the power system, resulting in significant power-loss and poor power-quality.

Hybrid transformer, a product combining high-efficiency transformers and harmonic filter technology
Enertech’s hybrid transformer is an all-in-one product with harmonic attenuation as a new technology that combines existing high-efficiency transformers and harmonic filter technology. Unlike conventional transformers, the hybrid transformer can reduce harmonics without installing a separate harmonics filter, thereby increasing the stability and efficiency of the facility.

Enertech achieved in developing products for the first time in the industry through R&D with KEPCO, and it is currently receiving great responses in both domestic and overseas markets by monopolizing the development of this technology through patent registration in Korea, the United States, and China.

In 2022, Enertech developed an earthquake-resistant transformer that can withstand strong earthquakes (0.85g or more) and has the best performance compared to other earthing transformers worldwide. This technology can also be combined with the hybrid transformer.

Hybrid transformer and earthing transformer are distribution transformers (22900V or lower) and it comes in two types: cast-resin type, and oil-immersed type.

Providing two types of harmonics filters for more complete harmonic attenuation
Enertech also provides two types of harmonics filters for those who wants more complete harmonic attenuation.
Enertech’s Active Harmonic Filter (APF) detects and offsets harmonics current generated by nonlinear loads in real time, which can save energy and prevent electrical accidents through expected effects such as harmonic reduction, improved imbalance, and reduced reactive power.

This is effective for non-linear loads such as LED, landscape lighting, PC, inverter, server, electric vehicle charging — and especially when installed in data centers, automation facilities, expensive medical equipment, and commercial buildings.

Enertech’s Hybrid Harmonic Filter (HAPF) are a fusion of LC filters and active filters, which are economical, durable, and effective for three-phase loads. The application of DC-Link capacitor failure diagnostic algorithm technology has significantly improved safety, and DQ Transform optimization has reduced switching loss by 30%.

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