3D Printing Materials & UV Curing Device


[INQ. NO. 2212E08] Graphy Inc. has succeeded in developing original technology for new materials (photopolymer resins), which are used for 3D printers, holding national and international patents, and supplying various materials specialized in each industry globally. In particular, it has expanded its awareness of clinical efficacy and excellence through many doctors and professors in the dental market, Graphy provides the UV Curing System to fully realize the properties of many products and photopolymerization materials.

Direct Aligner: World’s First 3D Printing Medical Device for Orthodontics (Clear Aligner)
Direct Aligner, developed by Graphy, is the world’s first 3D-printed medical device for orthodontic use. Direct Aligner, based on a patient`s data, takes one hour to print out, and there is no need for film post-process, reducing costs and processing. It also improves the accumulated error rate of each patient, and even if it is deformed, it is easy to use with a memorial shape that returns to its original form.

In addition, direct aligner received a new product (NEP) certificate from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. NEP evaluates new products that have been commercialized by applying new technologies or excellent technologies, and the government certifies them and supports market expansion.

Tera Harz Resin: Photopolymerization Composite Dental Material (3D Printing Resin)
3D printer materials should be optimized for 3D printers, not just chemical materials, and should be fabricated including non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biocompatible, high intensity, high heat resistance, and high precision. Accordingly, the Tera Harz Resin, developed by Graphy, has properties suitable for each product, and includes soft and hard properties at room temperature. The carbon skeleton is synthesized and flexible with special synthesis techniques, has strong heat properties, and the resin is not simply mixed but synthesized at the solid raw material stage, so it can be customized according to customer needs and is an eco-friendly general-purpose material.

Tera Harz Cure: World’s First UV Curing Device with 100% Polymerization Conversion Rate of Class II materials (Post-Curing Machine)
Nitrogen curing implements highly qualified shade, mechanical properties and improves surface quality such as crowns & bridges and dentures. Also, biocompatible objects require nitrogen curing, and Tera Harz Cure, which removes surface tacky and polymer residues, is the world’s first patented UV Post Curing Machine with 100% polymerization conversion ratio of Class II materials.

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