UV Activator


[INQ. NO. 2212E09] Taking the letters from “SQ,” the signature implant product of DENTIS, and “UV Activator,” the UV surface activation device, the brand was named SQUVA.

SLA surface treatment has become the most used implant surface due to its high long-term clinical stability. Recently, implant treatment has become more common as health insurance started to cover it, and several studies have been conducted to further increase the success rate of implants. Over time, the implant surface became more hydrophobic.

However, when UV rays are irradiated on the implant surface, organic substances, such as hydrocarbons are removed, and the surface becomes superhydrophilic. A more successful clinical prognosis is expected as it facilitates faster and stronger osseointegration by increasing the blood absorption rate. As a result of such research, the demand for implants treated with UV rays is increasing.

UV surface activation device
SQUVA is a product that removes organic matter or impurities by irradiating UV rays with a wavelength of 172 nm on the implant surface for 10 seconds and activates the surface by making it superhydrophilic.

The most outstanding feature of SQUVA is a motion sensor, which is a special solution that completely blocks cross-infection, and a voice information system for users and patients. The voice information system automatically notifies patients of the initiation and completion of UV irradiation, so that they can recognize that the irradiation is complete and the implant is ready for the procedure. This helps to reduce anxiety in patients and increase trust.

It can be easily applied from the chairside without changing the system or complicating the application. In addition, efforts to minimize microscopic amounts of ozone that may be generated during the UV irradiation process were not neglected. It is equipped with a special filter and an ozone sensor for safer treatment.

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