Washable Hot Water Mat


[INQ. NO. 2305E03] Intertec Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 as a company developing core technology for home appliances.
Intertec’s washable hot water mat ‘NAVIZAM’ is an innovative product manufactured with functions of an IoT and separate heating.
Using the IoT function, you can conveniently turn the hot water mat on or off with your mobile phone.
The circulating water direct heating method using a BLDC motor very quickly heats up to the set temperature.
Equipped with 10 safety devices, the whole family can use it with peace of mind. The entire mattress can be washed with water, so you can always enjoy a hygienic and comfortable sleep.

It has passed the folding test of more than 10,000 times, so it can be safely used even if it is folded like a blanket and stored for a long time.
With its patented attenuation structure, it is protected from the lowest noise (24dB) and electromagnetic waves, so it can be used safely.
The separate heating with one patented heater and motor allows two people to sleep comfortably at different temperatures.
It can be used conveniently with a touch display, dimming mode, steaming mode, simple reservation, and voice guidance. The quick connect method makes it very convenient to attach and detach the boiler and mat.
Intertec succeeded in modularizing the patented instantaneous hot water control technology that instantly adjusts the flowing water to the desired temperature without a storage tank. With the modularized technology, it can be used continuously.
Intertec produces instantaneous hot water modules for water purifiers, for bidets, and for hand washers.

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