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By turning electricity into heat, electric heaters can provide heat energy for many applications such as cooking, space heating, and more. Especially, for industrial uses, electric heating is widely used as it offers precision control of temperature and distribution. Though, its cost is higher than fuel heating, electric heating’s efficiency can offset the disadvantage. Korea’s Taeyoung Electric Heater knows well how this formula works and is taking it to the next level.

Since 1997, Taeyoung Electric Heater has been a manufacturer for a wide variety of electric heating components. By placing “quality” on top, the electric heater maker already added ISO 9001 certificate and has won several venture awards. At home and overseas, Taeyoung Electric Heater has been supplying air heating furnaces, immersion heaters, halogen heaters, electric steam boilers, hot air blowers, etc. Customers with demanding requests can expect a great result from the company as its continuous efforts in research and development seem to be always successful for the past 15 years.

Taeyoung Electric’s flagship “Film heater” never uses flame and air for producing heat. Also it does not invite dust, harmful gas and noises. Fresh indoor air and quietness sound environmentally friendly. Film heater not only weighs relatively less but also can be installed at any place where electric power is accessible. By using only a temperature control device, Film heater can come under control, and any additional space for a control device is unnecessary, which means you can have more living and business space. Besides, it is cost-effective. As to its application, people can benefit from Film Heater’s anion and far infrared ray which are useful to our health. It is an ideal heating method for hospitals, nursing homes, Kindergartens, baby nursery etc. The system shows steady heating efficiency and electric resistance changing rate as well. For more information, you can visit tyehc.en.ec21.com.

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