Commercial Auto & Vacuum Blender and Whole Slow Juicer

Launching a new blender and whole slow juicer to expand into global home appliances markets
[INQ. NO. 2210E24] Kuvings, a global kitchen appliance company, launched a new blender and whole slow juicer. A commercial auto-vacuum blender and high-performance whole slow juicer were released this year, accelerating Kuvings’ small appliances market expansion.

Chef CB 1000, a commercial auto & vacuum blender with the world’s first automatic opening and closing function
Chef CB 1000 is a commercial auto & vacuum blender with the world’s first automatic opening and closing function. The automatic opening and closing of its sound enclosure as well as its blending process are conducted at the same time via one-touch operation. Its convenience saves café workers a great deal of time.

The blender creates a vacuum inside the container before blending to keep juice and smoothies fresh and smooth for a longer time. Beverages made by vacuum blending prevent oxidation, browning, separation, and offers premium juice and smoothies by minimizing nutrition loss.

A variety of functions are added to increase its efficiency, including 35 built-in optimized café recipes and five easyto-operate preset buttons. Frequent functions can be assigned to a quick start button for making beverages quickly with customized settings.

REVO 830, juice whole and maintain freshness
REVO 830 has improved functions compared to the existing Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. Two types of feed chutes, a 3.5-inch flap gate and a 1.7-inch auto-cut chute, are included to accommodate different ingredient types.

The 1.7-inch auto-cut chute is a new feature from Kuvings that allows for the quick extraction of vegetables.
Long ingredients such as celery, carrots, and cucumbers can be squeezed without being pre-cut. The ingredients are automatically cut when they get inserted. The best part of the REVO 830 is that it makes fresh juice within a short time by cutting down on prep and juice time.

In addition, the ‘REVO 830’ is quiet and has improved durability with a strong motor compared to existing motors. Its wide pulp outlet is easy to clean, and its pulp disposal power is improved by minimizing the amount of pulp in the drum.

Kuvings latest products have already been recognized with global awards. The ‘Chef CB 1000’ was selected as ‘Best of The Best’ in the field of kitchen innovation catering equipment in Germany, introducing its independent product and differentiated technology to the global market. The CB1000 has been named on the Kitchen Innovation USA awards list.

The ‘REVO 830’ received excellent evaluations in the four fields of functionality, design, various product advantages, and ergonomic design in Kitchen Innovation Germany, and obtained the “Consumer’s Choice” title. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Juicer Juicer Co., Ltd., a juicer specialist having followed a single path for 20 years under the company motto of “Contributing to human health and peace,” has recently come to release a juicer equipped with Clean Gear II of 3-way bio clean system after more than four years of study.
Clean Gear II, a Greenpower Juicer’s own new technology, is a part developed by Greenpower Institute researchers who devoted themselves to development day and night, and it can even crush solids, such as dried red peppers, brewed coffee, peanut, sesame, etc., which was impossible with the conventional equipment, using a specially designed screw of double gears, variable and refraction of teeth type. With the development of this gear, the squeezing time of fruit juice and vegetable juice has been reduced by 40% ~ 50% compared with conventional gears, and the squeezing ratio was improved by over 5 ~ 10%.
Equipped with a three-way bio clean system, Clean Gear II helps you obtain fresh and clean juice as it separates agricultural pesticides and heavy metals when squeezing juices and there is no emission of foreign matt er. Based on the scientifi c logic (by Dr. Norman Walker of the USA) that if you squeeze vegetables after crushing and mashing them, separated fiber (residue) and heavy metals are combined with each other with affinity. The Greenpower juicer is specially designed and manufactured so that you can drink only fresh juice by making agricultural pesticides and heavy metals combine with the separated residue by completely crushing and squeezing vegetables and discharging them through the outlet.

Low-speed rotation of 160 times per minute helps you make and drink the ionized fresh juice without destroying nutrition. The special neodymium magnet with 4200 gauss and the bio-ceramic panel embedded in the fresh juice cup makes it possible to keep the juice for 72 hours and transforms the juice into hexagonal ion fresh juice for further enhancing the absorption ratio by the human body.
Due to low noise of below 60db generated by the ultra-precision motor and decelerator, you can use it even in a bedroom where your baby is sleeping. In addition, the built-in temperature cut-out device that automatically cuts off power when overheated due to excessive use and restarts when the heat is lowered can prevent overheating and fire occurrence. Besides, you can make a variety of dishes, such as fruit ice cream, peanut butter, kimchi seasonings, rice cake, etc. as well as vegetable juice and fruit juice, making use of various cooking nets (general type, versatile sets).
In addition, Clean Gear II, produced through over 90 processes of precise and rigorous manufacturing and inspection, has registered patents and a number of designs in 24 countries as well as in Korea. This product is equipped with acetal resin that obtained the approval of UL and FDA, and achieved overseas certification marks including UL, CE, C-UL, CNS and AS, passed Japan’s hygiene inspection for imported goods, and received a recommendation from Koda Clinic of Japan. Accordingly, this product has received recommendations from leading hospitals and clinics and was qualified for export conditions of countries around the world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Multi-purposed juicer

[INQ. NO. 1410E27] Daesung Artlon, which has been challenging the market based on 30 years’ innovative ideas, makes it a point to offer customers ever more creative and innovative products. Daesung Artlon specially got an achievement award from government for their distinguished service like developing a global market for a multi-mixer made in Korea. Artlon also holds 74 kinds of patent by developing competitive consumer appliances.

Its most representative multi juicer model Nullly Pop has one multipurpose blade. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

The stainless steel cup and detachable hose tube are available.

Multi-purposed-juicer The availability of lid control with a supported double safety lock (power light is on-ready to use) adds attractiveness to the safety of the product. The embedded temperature sensor is for motor protection (95 ± 5°C).

Multi-purposed-juicer_1The – Electromagnetic-approved parts and major parts are certified for safety and have the KS mark. It is similar to a coffee maker in shape while pursuing its own unique style. This product can be used for meat, vegetables, grains, fruits, etc. It is recommended that users wash the blade after using it for one ingredient (ex: Wash before juicing after grinding meat). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods