Commercial Auto & Vacuum Blender and Whole Slow Juicer

Launching a new blender and whole slow juicer to expand into global home appliances markets
[INQ. NO. 2210E24] Kuvings, a global kitchen appliance company, launched a new blender and whole slow juicer. A commercial auto-vacuum blender and high-performance whole slow juicer were released this year, accelerating Kuvings’ small appliances market expansion.

Chef CB 1000, a commercial auto & vacuum blender with the world’s first automatic opening and closing function
Chef CB 1000 is a commercial auto & vacuum blender with the world’s first automatic opening and closing function. The automatic opening and closing of its sound enclosure as well as its blending process are conducted at the same time via one-touch operation. Its convenience saves café workers a great deal of time.

The blender creates a vacuum inside the container before blending to keep juice and smoothies fresh and smooth for a longer time. Beverages made by vacuum blending prevent oxidation, browning, separation, and offers premium juice and smoothies by minimizing nutrition loss.

A variety of functions are added to increase its efficiency, including 35 built-in optimized café recipes and five easyto-operate preset buttons. Frequent functions can be assigned to a quick start button for making beverages quickly with customized settings.

REVO 830, juice whole and maintain freshness
REVO 830 has improved functions compared to the existing Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. Two types of feed chutes, a 3.5-inch flap gate and a 1.7-inch auto-cut chute, are included to accommodate different ingredient types.

The 1.7-inch auto-cut chute is a new feature from Kuvings that allows for the quick extraction of vegetables.
Long ingredients such as celery, carrots, and cucumbers can be squeezed without being pre-cut. The ingredients are automatically cut when they get inserted. The best part of the REVO 830 is that it makes fresh juice within a short time by cutting down on prep and juice time.

In addition, the ‘REVO 830’ is quiet and has improved durability with a strong motor compared to existing motors. Its wide pulp outlet is easy to clean, and its pulp disposal power is improved by minimizing the amount of pulp in the drum.

Kuvings latest products have already been recognized with global awards. The ‘Chef CB 1000’ was selected as ‘Best of The Best’ in the field of kitchen innovation catering equipment in Germany, introducing its independent product and differentiated technology to the global market. The CB1000 has been named on the Kitchen Innovation USA awards list.

The ‘REVO 830’ received excellent evaluations in the four fields of functionality, design, various product advantages, and ergonomic design in Kitchen Innovation Germany, and obtained the “Consumer’s Choice” title. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Juicers & Blenders

[INQ. NO. 2108E33] The first-introduced big mouth chute juicer designed by NUC Electronics Co., Ltd. has received numerous global awards such as Kitchen Innovation Award, Red Dot, Spark Design Award, etc. in several years.
U.S. Consumer Report selected Kuvings as the best juicer in recent years, and Kuvings juicer was also selected “2021 Best Juicer” in several other international magazines. Relentless product development and continuous R&D investment were the main reasons for the increase in Kuvings’ global status.

Kuvings brand
Kuvings is a hybrid of “Küche,” a German word that means kitchen, and the English word “living.” Kuvings aims to make daily life in the kitchen more convenient and enjoyable with innovative products. Kuvings has developed a variety of Kuvings kitchen appliances that offer perfect performance for juice extraction, fermentation, and mixing. Kuvings, which has grown into a global brand based on these features, is currently exporting to more than 80 countries

Juicers & Blenders

Kuvings Juicer and Blender that Operate Carefully and Efficiently
The Kuvings whole slow juicer EVO820, which operates at just 50 revolutions per minute (rpm), treats ingredients carefully, unlike other juicers that use the centrifugation method, and this ensures a difference in taste. The patented Kuvings extractor, which works with its own juice extraction technology based on low rpm, not only protects the ingredients but also operates more quietly than other products.
For these reasons important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and enzymes that are easily destroyable remain intact. Juice and residues are automatically separated and collected in separate containers. The juicer extracts both hard and soft ingredients using just one all-powerful sieve.
The Kuvings SV-500M model is a high-performance vacuum blender. Its vacuum function suppresses oxidation by creating a vacuum state and removing oxygen. Moreover, as the blender’s blades can cut fibers more easily in a vacuum, the ingredients are blended more efficiently. As the juice is made without oxygen it can be kept fresh for a long time, so you can even enjoy a fresh smoothie the day after it was made.

Juicers & Blenders

This blender is an all-powerful device that can blend all ingredients including soft fruit, hard vegetables, vegetable leaves, medicinal herbs and wild plants, grains, nuts, frozen fruit, and even ice. Cleaning the product is also simple.
NUC Electronics is committed to continuing research and development to lead to a healthy culture in the world. The company is committed to providing customers with more of its innovative products. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Kuvings – a Global Brand for Small “Health” Appliances of NUC Electronics

NUC Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers of small specialized kitchen appliances for nutrition-conscious consumers. Since 1978, NUC has developed more than 20 “health” appliances including various models of juice extractors, juicers, blenders, yogurt makers, single and multifunctional food processors, food dehydrators and soymilk/soup makers, hand mixers, slow cookers and more.

The company markets its small appliances under the brand name Kuvings worldwide. Domestic and overseas customers choose NUC products for its excellent quality, innovative design and easy handling features. With numerous product patents for unique technologies and innovative designs, NUC’s global brand “Kuvings” is gaining more and more popularity in households worldwide.


Enjoy the Whole Taste and All of the Nutrition

201610e_page_47_06The whole slow juicer Chef CS600 is patented for low-speed extraction which makes this press juicer slowly press and squeeze ingredients rather than grind them. The model provides you more juice with improved screws, a linear drum and fi ne sieve, while with increased pulp amount and reduced staying amount in the air.

CS600 features a wide feeding chute for easy and fresh juicing. The wide mouth juicer takes in whole, uncut ingredients and leaves no juice behind to provide maximum nutrition for your body. It has an easy cleaning system with smart juice cap and external rotating easy brush. The red dot indications allow users to easily assemble and disassemble the juicer.

Its convenient and practical smart cap enables you to wash it with ease to prevent spilling and to make mixed juice.

Whole slow juicer C7000 is for household use whereas the CS600 is for restaurants and cafes. C7000 is a three-inone multi-juicer, meaning that it can be widely used for making juice as well as ice cream and smoothies. Just replace the juice strainer with a blank strainer for ice cream, and with a smoothie strainer for soft smoothies. It operates quietly, using its built-in low noise design with a slowrotating, special deceleration motor, generating less noise and vibration. The smart cap enables easy cleansing after continuous juicing and prevents leaking.

Power blender KPB-351 is for household use as well, featuring power motor 3.2Hp, automatic blending, pre-set butt ons for pulses, juices and smoothies. It also comes with a BPA free jar and auto-stop function.




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