Samsung Mass-Produces DDR4 Modules


Samsung Electronics will open a new era for DRAM memory for PCs and enterprise server systems in the second half of this year. The next generation of DRAM memory has begun as South Korea-based electronics giant initiated the world’s first mass-production of ultra-thin mobile memory chips based on 20-nanometer-level technology.

Samsung Electronics recently announced that it will be mass-producing 20 nano-level 16 GB (Gigabyte) and 32GB DDR4 RAM modules for enterprise servers in next-generation data centers. The new DDR4 memory is highlighted by a 1.25-fold increase in data transmission rate and 30 percent cut in power consumption compared to the existing 20nm-class DDR3. This means the new memory will speed up a computer’s boot time. Samsung is confident that its modules support up to 2,667Mbps transfer speeds. The process of replacing DDR3 into DDR4 will begin in the second half of this year, enhancing performance and lowering power consumption.


By Kim Min-su : Here