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LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a big leap in the industry. This semiconductor light source is now quickly replacing many traditional light bulbs, street lamps, computer monitors’ panel, etc. Its high brightness, a relatively long life span and luminous efficiency are main advantages. People can run into its applications everywhere: traffic signals, LED panel monitors, many types of digital displays, advertisings, etc. And Korea’s LED specialist ROMTECH has a good story to tell.

Registered first in 1998, ROMTECH has been engaging in manufacturing LED lights, RF products, and home network alliances. The LED light maker has built strong relationships with diverse associates at home and overseas for better quality and management. Also by basing its products on “Green technology” for our environment, ROM TECH with creativity and innovation is looking to change the market paradigm for nature, people, and future. Major items are indoor LED lights, outdoor LED lights, RF Smart Door-Lock, and etc.

ROMTECH’s lineup has two big categories: Indoor LED lighting and Outdoor LED lighting. A item like LED Mushroom lamps as a mushroom-type lighting fixture with its modern design has excellent lightness, and it can replace common incandescent bulbs with 30 / 60/ 100W. LED Bulb can greatly save power consumption by over 90% and has a dimming function, a long lifespan, and is high efficient and eco-friendly. Being free from ultraviolet rays, infrared light and electromagnetic waves, LED MR16 offers high quality lighting and can save up to 80% compared to halogen lamps.

For outdoor LED lighting, LED Parking Light is a good substitute for linear type fluorescent bulbs and can maintain luminance at low temperatures. Even flickering would not even affect its life span ranging 30,000 to 50,000. Looking slim and compact, ROMTECH’s LED Road Light has Instant flickering function and is free of harmful chemicals like mercury and cadmium. For more product information, you can find at rfledlighting.com/index.html.

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RF Smart Door-Lock (M110 Series)

RF Smart Door-Lock (M110 Series)


  • Smart pass Function
  • When customer keeps smart-key, door-lock detects it automatically and open or close the door
  • Function that control setting of door system input

    Main Function

  • Double locking function
  • high temperature function
  • childproof function
  • etiquette mode function
  • resetting function
  • battery life notice function
  • dead volt malfunction alarming function
Input Method Smart pass, Capacitive touch
Operating temperature -20°C~50°C
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Communication 447MHz
Size Outdoor 76(W) * 296(H) * 17.5(D) mm
Indoor 75(W) * 294(H) * 32 (D) mm
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