Samsung Elec Unveils World’s LargestCapacity V-NAND Chip and New SSD world’s largest memory chip maker Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled its new Vertical NAND (V-NAND) flash memory with the world’s biggest storage capacity of 1-Terabit (Tb) along with next-generation solid state drive (SSD) solutions.

At the Flash Memory Summit 2017 recently held at the Santa Clara (CA) Convention Center, Samsung Electronics presented its new 1-Tb V-NAND chip.

V-NAND is the flash memory technology used in data storage devices including mobile phones and digital cameras. The V-NAND in a stacked structure can provide higher single-die density than those with 2-dimensional (2D) cellarrays, and demand for it is growing rapidly along with rising applications of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).

The company said in a statement that with the new 1-Tb V-NAND chip that boasts twice larger storage capacity than the existing 512-Gigabit (Gb) chip, it is possible to construct2-Terabyte (TB) memory in a single V-NAND package by stacking 16 1Tb dies.

Considering that 1 Tb is equal to 128 GB, and a typical two-hour-long HD movie takes up 1.5 to 2 GB of memory capacity, about 60 to 70 movies can be stored in a single V-NAND chip.



Samsung aims to introduce the world’s largest-capacity SSD applying 1-Tb V-NAND memory technology next year. At the summit, Samsung Electronics also presented its new SSD technology, dubbed Next Generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF) SSD, which is expected to dramatically improve the memory storage capacity. With the new NGSFF SSD, four times larger memory storage capacity can be secured in the same server, so data centers and customers using the server can build more efficient system, according to Samsung, said Samsung. The company plans to begin mass producing it in the fourth quarter of this year.

An SSD is a storage device that can replace a hard disk drive (HDD). It uses high-speed memory semiconductors such as NAND flash memory or dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips for storage that ensure high processing speed, low heating and little noise.

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HDD and LCD repairs, Data Recovery and SSD Production

computer[INQ. NO. 1311C05] Myung Information Technologies Co., Ltd. ( is Korea’s leading data recovery company with its technology and business capacity being verified by its many customers around the world. Mr. Lee Myung-jae, founder and CEO of Myung Information Technologies was awarded the 51st Trader of the Month Award for his contribution to developing the company into a globally recognized HDD repairing and data recovery business.

With experience in a foreign-affiliated company of HDD head components, Mr. Lee started the HDD repairing business in 1990. With highly trained technicians for data recovery, class 100 clean room, servo writes and other facilities, Myung Information Technologies retains technical leadership and has offered more than 300,000 data recovery services as of 2012. Based on such success in the HDD repairing and data recovery field, Myung Information has expanded its business arena into the repair of LCD panels and manufacturing of SSD.

Increasing sales in overseas data recovery market is not easy. However, about 12% of its revenues come from abroad. The company expects that the rate will further increase, given that the business in the U.S. and Chinese branches is getting brisker, and collaborations with Malaysian and Japanese companies are growing. Data recovery means recovering corrupted data on the media destroyed by physical or logical errors. The company’s recovery service includes all media including HDD, FDD, ODD, Tape, Zip, Jaz memory disk, RAID, NAS and SAN.

Myung Information has played an important role in raising Korea’s data protection and security technology to global standards. It once again demonstrated its advanced data recovery technology by fully recovering image data immersed in seawater for 45 days from the highprofile ROK Navy ship Cheonan. The company has exported data recovery technology to Japanese and Thai companies, and the Malaysian government. Now this company is exploring new frontiers to make the most of the technology. LCD Repair: When problems come up due to damaged LCD panel or electric circuits, Myung Information Technology can perfectly repair the LCD by utilizing its world-class facility, technology and personnel. With full confidence in quality, it provides reliable service to major LCD makers such as Samsung, LG and Sharp as well as at an international level with countries such as Mexico, Brazil, India, Thailand and Algeria.


SSD (Solid State Drive): SSD is designed to record data on flash memory, which allows it to record and read data at higher speed. Myung started to produce SSD as the first company to do so in Korea in 2004 and takes requests to create customized SSD products for companies to meet their individual needs. Now, Myung distributes its SSD not only in the domestic market but also in overseas markets.
President Lee Myung-jae

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