[INQ. NO. 2108E08] VINATech Co., Ltd. developed the original technology involving Carbon Nano Fiber (CNF) through independent research projects in 2002. Subsequent development includes different carbon solutions including activating carbons, controlling the shape, composite and metal impregnated activation.
VINATech has developed and produced in-house its carbon support, catalyst and Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) featuring excellent corrosion-resistant characteristics.
VINATech has improved the fuel cell’s lifecycle by using crystalline carbon as catalyst support.
VINATech is the only company that manufactures core materials of supporters, catalysts and MEAs, mainly focusing on the production of supercapacitor and fuel cell MEAs based on its carbon composition technology (fiber, sphere).
Thanks to its MEA coating technology, the company is able to evenly distribute catalysts within electrodes, resulting in very little performance-deviation among cells.


Based on know-how built up over several decades, the company possesses outstanding technical prowess which, in turn, enables it to provide optimally customized supercapacitor and MEAs for customers and meet their needs.
Its MEA is using for various application and industry such as automotive, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), and Combined Heat Power (CHP) for Low-Temperature Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (LT-PEMFC) and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC).


The company has continued to carry out R&D and produce supercapacitor (WEC) used as energy storage systems, Lithium ion capacitors (VPC) and core materials and components of next-generation energy sources including hydrogen fuel cells. Supercapacitor and Lithium ion capacitors are utilized for a number of industries such as new renewable energy, data centers, electronic parts, etc.
The VPC series, an environmentally friendly Lithium ion capacitor, has been developed to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


They offer lower leakage current and improved ESR with longer life, wider temperature ranges, and higher discharge currents than batteries of similar sizes.
VINATech was formed in 1999 to develop and specialize in environmentally friendly energy-storage technology, and especially EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) supercapacitors. Its mass production started in 2003.
In 2011, the company moved its headquarters to Jeonju city to support growing demand for VINATech’s hy-cap products.
Very soon after the HQ move to Jeonju, VINATech received presidential awards for innovation and continued to expand its R&D team, and further improved production capability and material development.
It already has over 180 patents for material development in place, with more in the pipeline.
The company has four overseas operations in such regions as North America and Europe, as well as 25 global networks, R&D institutes in Korea and Japan, and plants in Korea and Vietnam.

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VINATech, Leading the Carbon Based Technology Market for Green Future

VINATech, Leading the Carbon Based Technology Market for Green Future

VINATech was formed in 1999 with a view to develop and specialize in EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitor) super capacitors. Its mass production started in 2003. In the year of 2011, it moved the headquarter to Jeonju city with a purpose to build a factory and support growing demand for VINATech Hy-Cap products.


Right after its move to Jeonju, VINATech received Presidential awards for innovation and continued to expand its R&D team and improve production techniques and material development. It is following a demanding road map to produce true alternatives to batt eries. There are now over 150 patents for material development in place with many more in the pipeline.

VINATech now employs 180 staff s in Korea, of which 65 are involved with R&D. The production capacity is now the largest of all similar manufacturers with further expansion planned.


Technology for a Sustainable Future

201610e_page_41_03VINATech’s super capacitor technology off ers many benefi ts over batt ery with longer life, faster charge and discharge, improved effi ciency, RoHS & WEEE compliance and has a wider temperature range especially with its advanced technology and introduction of the 3v series which leads the market. This 3v series gives 300% longer life than similar products or can be used at 85c if de-rated to 2.4vdc.

In 2009, VINATech launched its patented hybrid (P-EDLC) product, a high density technology, off ering an ideal solution for fast charging in renewable energy type applications such as solar powered products, cordless tools, emergency lighting and a growing number of IoT applications.

201610e_page_41_08VINATech’s highly automated production site swiftly achieved ISO 9001/ ISO14001 in 2004 and acquired TS16949 accreditation along with numerous blue chip manufacturers’ approvals including major automotive and metering manufacturers in 2013.

201610e_page_41_13VINATech will be att ending major exhibitions across the globe to launch a number of new exciting innovative super capacitors to meet the growing demands to replace batt ery technology which has fueled the demand from all market sectors including automotive as the world moves from fossil based fuel to EVS and HFC types. The uncertainty for stable power supplies has led to a demand for back up in many industrial and medical sectors to ensure continuity of service. These new products will also support communications systems using GSM/GPRS and IoT technologies.


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